Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Giving Eclipse a Chance

Well I'm still not giving up on Eclipse. I'm going to try a tip that someone left me in the comments of my last entry. That is to basically delete the eclipse settings from my project (imported from 2.1) and create a new project in 3.0. It's worth a shot, especially considering all of the good comments that were left in favor of Eclipse. I really want everything to run smoothly since I have been the biggest promoter of Eclipse here at work. It has just been the greatest tool for me in the past. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

What happened to Eclipse?

I've been using the latest 3.0 release of Eclipse for a full day now, and I have to cry out "What happened?". I've been using 2.1.x for many many months now, without so much as a hiccup. However 3.0 has been causing me problems all day. I love the new look, and I love many of the new features (Ant finally works for me!). But it's so slow, even on my beefed up dev box, and it has locked up repeatedly. I'm about a half day away from switching back to my *thankfully* backed up 2.1.3. Well, back to the trusty task manager to kill and restart my instance again... I should have just waited until the first or second maintenance release...

Ant Junit Task mishandles Suites

Maybe I'm missing something, but the Ant Junit task doesn't seem to handle Suites well. What I mean is that the formatters supplied with the base Junit task, when outputting information about a suite, don't spit out details about the class that a test was in. So can't even display this information in the html.

For instance if I had two tests, one in TestClass1 and another in TestClass2 named testMyMethod() and run from the suite AllTests, the output from not distinguish between the two tests.

The "work around" is to use the nested element and specify a:
<fileset includes="**/*.class" excludes="**/AllTests.class" />
However, this runs slower than using test suites.

I did see that in 1.6.2 there will be a new option to fork a single JVM instead of one for each class, but even then this could run faster through test suites.

So for now I have added a vote to bug #24106. I encourage anyone else that is annoyed by this to do the same!

Monday, June 28, 2004

J2SE Tig5r

As reported by David Flanagan and all over the blogosphere, the latest J2SE has been renamed from 1.5 "Tiger" to just 5.0. Maybe next year I can get my company to send me to JavaONE? Yeah right...

Eclipse 3.0 Download

Okay, now that I'm all excited about Eclipse 3.0, and I just can't wait to check it out, I can't get a download speed over 12 KB/s. That's after trying most of the mirrors from our office in Omaha, which normally has blazing connection speeds. I'm not complaining, I'm just anxious to try it out. Especially since I'm giving a brownbag presentation over Eclipse to my fellow workers in less than 2 weeks.

Oh, and the corporate powers have blocked all ports except 80 and mail, leaving bittorrent out of the question... I'll just keep patiently waiting...