Thursday, July 08, 2004

Is Jess The Best Rules Engine Fit For J2EE?

I'm a little disappointed that no real straight answers came from my last entry: Uncommented Bytes: Jess Architecture in a J2EE Environment

So now I'm lead to believe that Jess may truly be difficult to integrate into our highly scalable, distributed, enterprise architecture. Wrapping Jess in a custom RMI server doesn't seem very elegant to me, but as of now it looks like the only solution. As I mentioned in the comments of my other post, if Jess is the reference implementation for JSR 94, wouldn't they come up with a better way to integrate into a J2EE environment?

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Jason Bell said...

I don't there is anything really decent at the moment. I worked on a custom made solution working on multiple conclusion rippledown rules using conceptual graphs. XML was too bulky.

Unless you are prepared to pay a lot of $$$ then I don't think you'll see anything just yet.