Thursday, July 15, 2004

Yahoo! Mail is making me want GMail more

I used to be happy with Yahoo! Mail, but they have taken away my favorite feature. A few weeks ago when they "upgraded" the interface to compete with GMail, they dropped the "include HTML tags" option when sending an email. It used to be nice that I could write HTML into my email so that my family could see nice pictures without ever needing to attach huge files. I just used a simple img tag that pointed to my website.

So today I'm just frustrated. I've tried multiple different ways, even coding my entire email as HTML, but Yahoo! will not send it as HTML. Does anyone know if GMail will fix my problem? Can I send HTML emails using GMail? I would love to try it out when its available, and I really hope it fixes my problem. Until then, jasheets1 at good ole yahoo dot com will have to suffice as an email address.


Anonymous said...

You need to be using MSIE, 5.5 or later. Then on the "compose" page you can click the "color and graphics" link. At least, so says the FAQ.

-- Doug

Jeff Sheets said...

That's an old FAQ entry. There used to be a checkbox when using the "Plain" version (the only version offered to Firefox or any non-IE browser). Even now through IE you aren't allowed to type your own HTML. Things have changed in the wrong direction it appears.