Tuesday, August 31, 2004

gmail For Everyone!

Who wants a gmail invite? Put your address in my comments, and one will be sent your way. Since I received mine this way a few days ago, I feel obliged to release 6 invites in the wild on my own!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Gmail Thoughts (4 Pros, 1 Con)

I just have to give a big thanks to Ryan Daigle for hooking me up with a gmail account. Now for my main thoughts...

So far gmail seems to be a great improvement over my old Yahoo! Mail. I really like the "discussion" style of tracking replies. This is very suitable for reading email. I also like the labels that can be applied to messages so they are stored in multiple "folders". The type-ahead on email addresses is also a plus over Yahoo! Mail. Lastly on the pro side, I like being able to send messages without an ad being placed in my outgoing mail.

However, my old complaint about Yahoo! Mail is still a complaint with Gmail. Why can't I compose an HTML email? The FAQ makes me think this will be added in the future, but if they can make gmail this cool so far, why not add HTML composing capability? I'd really like to make it easier on my mom and grandma to see pictures!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Weblogic EJB Compiler Options

We fixed a problem today by setting options for the Weblogic EJB compiler that is used to compile EJBs on the server at deploy time. Of course we should be using WL appc, but even then we'll probably need to use the same options.

Now I need a nice wiki to document these myself, but without one I'll simply post it here.

The Problem

When deploying many large EJBs to Weblogic, without pre-compiling with WL appc, you may find the deploy failing when the server attempts to compile the EJBs. A search through the logs will reveal some Out of Memory errors.

The Fix

* Open the Weblogic server console (usually http://localhost:7001/console/)
* Expand Servers and click on your server name (defaults to myserver)
* Under Configuration|General expand Advanced Options
* Set the following to increase JVM heap size for the compiler:
Extra EJB Compiler Options: -J-ms128m -J-mx256m
of course modify for your own needs