Sunday, October 03, 2004

Get gmail-lite for gmail PDA access!

I was frustrated with gmail for lacking a pure html version that can be used by PDA browsers. It was one of my complaints with gmail (along with not allowing html tags when composing). After some searching, I found gmail-lite! This is a php module that acts as a pure html proxy to gmail, meaning I can run it on my internal web server and check gmail from our pda at home! I still wish google supported this natively, but gmail-lite seems to do the job well enough for me...

Friday, October 01, 2004

Solution to Slashdot Effect? Mirrordot!

This article on Wired describes a new website called Mirrordot that will automatically mirror any site posted on slashdot. A very cool idea indeed!

As it states in the article, though, I wonder how this will affect the ad revenue of some of the slashdotted sites. On one hand, they won't receive revenue from mirrordot, on the other hand mirrordot will keep their site alive!