Friday, November 19, 2004

I agree, Eclipse website SUX

I have to completely agree with Anthony, that the Eclipse website SUX! Make 90% of your use cases simple, and this means put the Eclipse IDE download and help screens on your front page! Realize what your breadwinner is and sell it, don't bury it to make it appear on the same level as your other not-so-popular projects! As a first time visitor, weeding through the the projects is mind-boggling and confusing to say the least.

I have spent a lot of time looking for things on their site myself, and more time helping others that I am teaching Eclipse to. The website makes it hard for me to say "Just go to and download it". Especially when you hit the page and all you see is bureaucratic nonsense about the organization. There is a place for this, but not on the front page!

I am not claiming to be a good web designer, but I do claim to recognize good designs, and my site doesn't host one of the most popular Java projects in existence!


Anonymous said...

Must have used Mavin to build it!

Jeff Sheets said...

I sense your sarcasm, but I think a Maven site is easier to follow than the maze that has setup.

Anonymous said...

You say "as a first time visitor .."

I've visited the site and downloaded Eclipse probably more than 10 times, and the last time (a week ago) was the first time it was sufficient to click "Back" only once. The website continues to amaze, annoy, irritate and make me mad even today, after so many visits.

The website not only sux; it's (1) crap, (2) utterly useless - not only to "regular" users who want to download _Eclipse_, but also to developers who want to find information on _Eclipse_ (note the emphasis on Eclipse here - all the other projects except _usefull Eclipse plugins_ are second-class projects that need to be moved away - far away. Even if they are interesting or promising or whatever) - and last, but not least, it's (3) butt-ugly.

Vidar Braut Haarr

Steve Austin said...

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