Thursday, March 31, 2005

Jetspeed on Weblogic FAQ

Wow, I've been linked from the Jetspeed Wiki as a source for information on running Jetspeed on Weblogic!

Because of this, I have updated my Problem Deploying Jetspeed 2 on Weblogic post that they link to. I have modified it to include links to other posts that I have had about Jetspeed on Weblogic, so that I really do contain a FAQ instead of just rambling on the subject.

So here is my complete list of posts on the idea, from first to last:
Problem Deploying Jetspeed 2 on Weblogic
Jetspeed 2 on Weblogic - part 2
Jetspeed 2 on Weblogic - Finally
Jetspeed 2 on Weblogic - update again
Jetspeed Fusion, Struts, and Weblogic


robby said...

Jeff, thanks for your comments. It has helped me a great deal in getting this running on weblogic 8.1sp4. I took your advice and placed all of the exploded demo portal wars in an ear. Three of the demo files (demo, rss, pam), needed 2 jar files (commons-collections-3.0.jar, commons-logging-1.0.3.jar) to run, so I placed them on the classPath of the startWeblogic.bat file %classpath%. I couldn't get the portal to run after I pulled all of the demo wars out of the /web-inf/deploy directory. I figured out that if I place the jetspeed-layouts.war file in the web-inf/deploy directory then most of the demo portlets run. It looks like I am missing some tag libraries for some portlets. This jetspeed2 deployment is a real mess. It really should be able to be deployed as a .ear file. This has been really neat. After installing and demoing Exo portal, liferay portal, and now jetspeed, I belived that I like the way jetspeed2 works and the architecture. This is the portal I am now choosing to develop my project against. Thanks again for your help. I will let you know when I am able to deploy this as an .ear. I will keep working at it.

Jeff Sheets said...

Good work! You could also just add the common jars into the ear, and add an entry into the manifests for each war (if you didn't want the common jars in the global path).

Please keep me updated on your progress, robby.

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