Friday, April 15, 2005

Fix for JAAS Auth in Jetspeed

I've finally found a fix for our Jetspeed JAAS Authentication issue with Weblogic (thanks to help from a BEA consultant).

The problem occurs when using the JAASSessionValidator in Jetspeed to authenticate through the Weblogic app server, along with using the struts bridge from the apache portals project. After logging in as the same user in more than one session (by first logging in, and then opening another browser to log in again with the same userid), and going from one page to another in the same mode (view mode, for example), the server throws up this error:
Included resource or
file "/action/edit.jas;jsessionid=C7QZxyGkX0pm6Sp9ckM6vyfxTRJ4p1Tn0Ph3bdz
g3TJQX4pyDxwC!-2002059013" not found from requested resource "/jetspeed/portal/_

This appears to be a problem with how Jetspeed will rewrite URL's, and maybe it is more specifically related to the struts bridge. I say Jetspeed, and not Weblogic, because the problem can be resolved by telling Weblogic to only use cookies to relay session data instead of also rewriting url's. So we fixed this by placing this next configuration into the weblogic.xml file of ALL of our war files:


At least we found a work around!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Using Struts multibox and radio tags

I've found a great way to use both the Struts multibox and radio tags, and just want to document it here for my future use.

The multibox is a tag to output multiple linked checkboxes, so the user can select multiple items at once. The radio is the same idea, but for a single select.

My jsp piece looks like this, and it generates a table with a radio button as the first field:

<c:forEach var="data" items="${MyForm.dataList}">
<td><html:radio property="selectedData" value="${}"/></td>
<td><c:out value="${}"/></td>
<td><c:out value="${data.location}"/></td>

Now, you can change it to a multiselect version using the multibox by replacing the html:radio tag with this one:
<html:multibox property="selectedData" value="${}"/>

In my MyForm, I have a public List getDataList() and a public String getSelectedData() for the single select with the radio button. For the multiselect with the multibox you have to use public String[] getSelectedData() instead. (of course, both need the corresponding setSelectedData() method...)

[edited to remove confusing custom rowColor tag, 2/20/2006]