Monday, October 10, 2005

Google Reader - First Impressions

Here's my thoughts (pros/cons) on the new Google Reader, as I use my past few years with Bloglines as comparison.

First, I love the clean Web 2.0 look! This is a big improvement of the frames of Bloglines. It was easy to export my feeds from Bloglines and import them into Google Reader, although Google seemed to hang on the import. I just returned later to find all of my feeds running. I love the keyboard navigation (using j/k to go down/up the list).

But there are reasons that I'm sticking with Bloglines. Bloglines makes it easier for me to see all of my feeds at once by clicking on the "N updated feeds" link. They also make it easier for me to mark all of my feeds as read this way. In Google it seems I have to scroll using j/k through each link, but in Bloglines I can pull them up and skim through the list. I really prefer seeing them all at once and skimming.

So Bloglines for now, and I hope that Bloglines picks up on some of Googles Ajax-ian tricks...

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Patrick Lightbody said...

I found Google Reader, while quite whiz-band on the AJAX features, to be a perfect example of missing the point. They focussed so much on the slick UI that they forgot to make it _useable_.

Bloglines, with it's crazy categories (whoops, I guess it needs to be a folksonomy now!) is just plain easier to use.