Monday, November 28, 2005

Re: Why I Hate PayPal

A post on Marginalia describes his position on Why I Hate PayPal.

My position is much simpler. Paypal has a large inbound phone center here in Omaha, and their local 402 area code phone number is one off from my work number. So I answer around 5 calls a week from people complaining about their Paypal account. I even had someone leave their credit card number on my voicemail once.

So that's my reason to hate Paypal.

(Please notice: I actually love their service, so this is just me venting about an annoyance, and it really has nothing to do with Paypal directly.)


Anonymous said...

More evidence that the 'Javablogs Hot' feed is full of worthless posts with enticing titles...

Jeff Sheets said...

I sense some bitterness there :-) Just enjoy it for what it is... My opinion on the web.
Of course, it was apparently interesting enough that you spent time to write a comment, which is better than no interaction at all!

Anonymous said...

ehh, i think you're crazy "allen", just crazy, ;).

you need to email me and soon.