Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Blogger CSS Grid Responsive Layout

Yeah, a post about how to build a blog. Because owning a blog means that at least 20% of your posts need to be about the tech used in it's own creation. But this one is different. It's the tech used to upgrade a legacy Blogger site to a more modern responsive layout 😃


Well, while simultaneously an item of pride and embarrassment, I've had this Uncommented Bytes blog running for 17+ years somehow. (And more like 18-19 years but I lost the first bit of it when jRoller, the best hosted blog engine, went under and required the original migration to Blogger.) 

I wrote a post for the first time in a while, and was pretty annoyed with how it looked on mobile


I originally had a green-ish theme, and thought I'd tweak it to be responsive. But even though it was simple-ish, it was using some images for backgrounds and shading that were just overwhelming to try to update in the super-wordy blogger html template. (look at that beautifully retro Google+ link)