Sunday, January 08, 2023

Blogging lite with Blogg

Trying something new, and blogging smaller shorter posts for a while. Not sure if it’ll stick but we’ll see!

The driver for this is from a few thoughts tonight:

  • Pondering life pre-Twitter, my posts were much more casual. Less produced. More off the cuff. So why?
  • Then I remembered how I used to blog on this Blogger site. I would send an email to blogger that turned into a post. Then I’d sign in on a desktop to touch it up. 
  • Or I’d start a blog with a web browser bookmarklet. And finish on the full site. 
  • But in the past few years I would mentally want to sit down at my laptop, plan it all out, hash out some code samples, etc. 
  • So what if I found a way to type blogs from my phone again? Maybe there’s a Blogger app still out there?

And low and behold I found Blogg on the iOS app store 
Blogg iOS App

So yeah, I kick myself for not migrating to the latest and greatest static site generator. But since I’m still on a hosted solution, I might as well try out some convenient tools!

We’ll see how it goes! But I like the casualness of this approach, blogging from my phone on the couch, holding my dog, and watching some football (SKOL Vikings! 💜🏈).

Now if I can find an auto-mastodon syndicator we might be onto something special